The Problem

Data from sensors such as vision sensors/cameras generate large amounts of data, and it is expensive to send this the data to the cloud. If connectivity is lost (internet or 4G LTE signal) this data is lost or in the best case, can’t be used on a real time basis. This creates a single point of failure. Existing edge computing solutions are stand-alone systems built around an expensive and complex integration framework. The diagram below shows these technical limitations and the economic effects they have on many industries, including higher costs, less revenue, and reduced security.

Problem Page

Rosella™: VIMOC's AI Operating System for Smart Infrastructure

VIMOC has introduced Rosella™, an AI platform that extends cloud computing down to the infrastructure by using an Artificial Intelligence (Cognitive Computing Network) framework and Edge Computing to deliver real-time data processing that pushes processed “intelligence” to the Cloud, rather than just large amounts data. Rosella™ achieves a high level of operational efficiency, reducing the complexity, cost of integration, and eliminating the single point of failure.

VIMOC Software Diagram1

Hardware Agnostic

Connectivity abstraction layer supports multiple technologies and eliminates vendor and protocol lock-in.


The platform includes a variety of maintenance tools have been created to support proactive, rules-based alerting for adverse sensor health conditions. This ensures reliable operation of the application and proactive maintenance of issues.


Integrated security is implemented throughout the whole stack from the point of data acquisition through processing to storage.

Flexible & Modular

Supporting new sensor vendors, new sensor types or new data models is simple, and does not require modification of other components of the system. Also, sensory data processing applications such as video, radar, fusion and other signal processing applications can be ported to the Landscape Computing edge processing layer using a programming environment supported by a large ecosystem of vendors.

Low Latency

Data is analyzed close to sensors so only intelligent results need to be transmitted to the cloud.

Complete Integration Framework

Complete stack for data acquisition from devices to presentation to applications via APIs, providing fast time-to-market deployment.

A closer look at the Rosella™ software stack