Application Examples

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Smart Building

Managing the use of buildings is a significant area in the IoT space. Rosella is currently running in public garages to count vehicles and send the information to a nBox-enabled dynamic digital sign on site, to indicate current garage use, as well as making the information available to applications via the Rosella API. This replaces existing magnetic loop technologies with a scalable and cost effective solution. It also opens the possibility of implementing an LPR system and virtual permitting.

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting

VIMOC’s distributed computing platform running Rosella overcomes challenges in counting and distinguishing between bicycles and pedestrians, by conducting processing at the edge of the network on the nBox and only sending the outcome for use on applications via the Rosella API. In addition to classification, the solution also determines the direction of travel. Video does not need to be transferred or stored, and most importantly no video streaming is required. This drastically reduces latency and dependence on LTE stability.

Smart Street black

Smart Street

Streets are not simply designed for vehicles to drive on. They are shared spaces between pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles, including public transportation. VIMOC’s Rosella platform has enabled a multi-modal transportation management system using vision with deep learning, making real-time intelligence available and easily accessible via the Rosella API.

Smart Factory black

Smart Factory

Rosella enables advancements on the factory floor, specifically in quality control. Using vision-based deep learning, Rosella has the functionality to rapidly detect anomalies, enhancing the operator’s precision.


Smart Parking

The Smart Parking application fuses many features to improve the the efficiency and ease of of parking in surface lots and parking structures alike. General occupancy status,  single space monitoring (especially for special spaces such as EV, ADA, emergency, visitor and carpool), automated parking structure ventilation control and crosswalk safety can be mixed and matched in a flexible and dynamic system.