VIMOC has built the world’s first operating system for the smart infrastructure of tomorrow’s IoT, called Rosella™ .

This enables the achievement of high of operational efficiency, a reduction in complexity, the cost of integration, and the elimination of the single point of failure.



Jan 2017, Where the Cloud Won't Work

A quiet race is going on to set up the infrastructure needed for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). It is generally agreed that the cloud model won’t work to manage sensor data in real time, so instead hardware and network providers are rushing to evolve their technologies and sign up industrial customers to pilot and early implementation initiatives in edge processing.


Dec 2016, VIMOC-Silver Spring Networks

VIMOC – Silver Spring Network relationship growing, with VIMOC listed as a Silver Spring Networks  partner in the street lighting and smart city space.


Dec 5, 2016, VIMOC's AI Platform in Redwood City, CA

VIMOC announced it has completed delivery and integration of its platform for parking and automated building management in The City of Redwood City enabling vehicle detection, superior accuracy in occupancy counting and reporting, and enhanced revenue optimization in two multi-story parking garages.


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